About Us

Skipasyn-Icelandic is an independent Consulting Naval Architect and Marine Engineer Company founded in 1986.

The main business of Skipasyn-Icelandic is the design of fishing vessels. The specialization includes work on all kinds of fishing vessels, fishery and oceanographic research vessels. We carry out comprehensive design work including complete building documentation based on advanced engineering systems.

Sævar Birgisson

Managing director


Rakel Sævarsdóttir

Marketing Director


Birgir Sævarsson

Project Manager


Svanhvít Leifsdóttir

Financial Manager


Skipasýn-Icelandic offers its clients a comprehensive range of services including the following: 


  • Initial design study

  • Complete ship design packages

  • Preperation of tender documents

  • Contract negotiations

  • Stability calculations

  • Conversions

  • General consulting

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below, sending us an email at skipasyn@skipasyn.is or calling us at (+354) 561-9595